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Opta helps you meet your goals by working with you to ensure that your Web site is a true reflection of what you are looking for on the Internet. Want to know what it is?.

Web Projects



For some people, leaving no smartphone is a similar crisis to forget his wallet. As smartphones grow in popularity, the applications become more important.

Mobile Projects




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Want to implement projects based on private cloud, public or mixed?

If your answer is yes, Opta is capable of running projects based on. Net with Windows Azure.

What is Windows Azure platform

The Windows Azure platform combines development capabilities with cloud-based storage infrastructure services, computing, and networking.

What is development in the cloud?

Cloud computing refers to computers and applications that run remotely and can be accessed online. In cloud computing, equipment and physical servers are replaced by VMs running on large data centers. By combining the computing needs of many users at a single center achieved an economy of scale that delivers significant benefits, such as lower power consumption, greater ease of setup and maintenance and the ability to make simple updates to the ability and performance. Many applications can run unchanged to redeploy to the cloud from desktops or local servers.

Want to know how?

For information about how to deploy cloud-based projects, use the contact form.



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Knowledge and Outsourcing

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For many reasons, among which weighs heavily on the extraordinary increase communication skills, all sectors of the economy are affected by the existence of global competitors. The service sector is no exception, especially IT services. This process, which began in the industry, is unstoppable.

This situation drives Western societies orient his business toward what has been called the Knowledge Society. This momentum has not only with market movements and inertia, but that governments, at all levels (local, regional, national), push and oriented in the same direction. In knowledge societies wealth is not based on the amount and cost of the manufactured, but what do you know: especially when it can do better than others. For many companies like Opta SC, who have their sights set on the national market, the situation is particularly complicated. It competes with large national and international consultants, with higher prestige and financial capacity. According to the famous metaphor of management, the sector is a red ocean (Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne).

Opta SC has focused its activities in two ways, in order to compete:

  • Quality and costs, to survive in the red ocean.
  • Research and development, to live in blue oceans.

Both in providing services and in the development of new products, there are activities with different values​​: the relationship between value and knowledge is direct.

Opta operates through independent developers who bet all their knowledge and ideas to solve technological obstacles.

This way of working is based, therefore, in a controlled outsourcing and outsourcing control: not everything is outsourced and managed outsourced it.

Opta has tools for project management, remote work-oriented and collaborative. With this, we get:

  • Ensure ownership of knowledge, increasing the training of our technicians and the quality of work.
  • Cost control, performing the tasks of lesser value at a lower cost.
  • Improving supply to the market.
  • Capacity growth.
  • Competitiveness.

Mobile Development

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Today, smartphones are increasingly useful and best performance. Increasingly companies adapt their Web sites to the screen of a mobile phone, or invest resources publishing new applications for these devices.

The Web site has developed a ranking with interesting statistics.

  • There are 7,000 million people on Earth. 5100 have a mobile phone. 4200 have toothbrush.
  • It takes 90 minutes to send an email. A person takes around 90 seconds to send a text message.
  • 91% of smartphone users have the phone always at hand.
  • 44% of the 900 million monthly users accessing Facebook through their mobile. These users are twice as active on the social network which does not use the mobile phone.
  • Mobile marketing will account for 15.2% of total online ad spending in 2016.
  • It takes 26 hours to report a lost wallet. It takes 68 minutes to report the loss of a mobile phone.
  • Nine out of ten mobile search trigger an action, more than half that lead to purchase.
  • 61% of mobile queries result in a phone call.
  • 52% of the ads in mobile phones lead to a call.

Take your business wherever you go!
Opta - Corporate Solutions

  • Take customer orders, confirm the existence of products or order at the time.
  • Get your list of promotions and prices updated.
  • Verify that your vendors are where they should be by the use of GPS.
  • Integrate your smartphone with your company's main application.
  • Save costs by performing a trace route programmed by each vendor.
  • Know who your customers are already visited.
  • Work is on line or off line.
Need more?
Customised solutions of Opta help you organize your business better and do more in less time, please contact us.

Web Development

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Technology is advancing at exponential steps, Opta helps you be on the Internet.

Today, in addition to having a website requires that this be unique, ie adjusted to custom designs and industry standards, in this way, your company can be accessed from any geographical location, any device (PCs , notebooks, tablets or smartphones), anytime.

Have your business online helps your business go further with little investment.

Why work with Opta?

Opta have a vast experience in applications and Web sites, this, combined with a competitive cost structure helps ensure your investment in the success of your project.

Opta has a work scheme where the client is actively involved in the project.

For pulse applications and Web sites apply the same concepts agreed in the software development therefore, the comments of our customers are very important during the project life cycle.

What happens after the project is completed?

The websites have a content management panel 100% customizable where you can make any changes you need.

Hiring sales support service helps you to focus on your business while Opta is responsible for performing the updates you require on your site.

Want to know more?

See our portfolio!!



Software Development

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We know that planning and monitoring is most important to the customer, therefore, during this process we take care to analyze project requirements and prototype for the client to have a clearer view of the goals set.

Using the list of requirements, develops a list of priorities which will be addressed in the next stage of the project, ie development.

Analysis phase of the project


From idea to working software

During each sprint (a period of one to four weeks) defined by Opta, the development team delivers a potentially shippable project progress (usable). He then chose the party requesting comments regarding the product delivered in each sprint. The views expressed are registered again as project requirements.

Complete cycle of software development


Working software in production

Implementation begins after the development has been approved, this implies, stress testing and application functionality.

This flow helps speed communication between the development team and the party also ensures that problems are resolved and that software updates are implemented effectively.


Actionable learning

This last phase is based on optimizing the product implemented. The aim is to identify and resolve problems before they arise and the real problems the organization is affected. The detection and correction (troubleshooting) are needed when proactive management can not predict and mitigate failures.


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