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Software Development



We know that planning and monitoring is most important to the customer, therefore, during this process we take care to analyze project requirements and prototype for the client to have a clearer view of the goals set.

Using the list of requirements, develops a list of priorities which will be addressed in the next stage of the project, ie development.

Analysis phase of the project


From idea to working software

During each sprint (a period of one to four weeks) defined by Opta, the development team delivers a potentially shippable project progress (usable). He then chose the party requesting comments regarding the product delivered in each sprint. The views expressed are registered again as project requirements.

Complete cycle of software development


Working software in production

Implementation begins after the development has been approved, this implies, stress testing and application functionality.

This flow helps speed communication between the development team and the party also ensures that problems are resolved and that software updates are implemented effectively.


Actionable learning

This last phase is based on optimizing the product implemented. The aim is to identify and resolve problems before they arise and the real problems the organization is affected. The detection and correction (troubleshooting) are needed when proactive management can not predict and mitigate failures.



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