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Want to implement projects based on private cloud, public or mixed?

If your answer is yes, Opta is capable of running projects based on. Net with Windows Azure.

What is Windows Azure platform

The Windows Azure platform combines development capabilities with cloud-based storage infrastructure services, computing, and networking.

What is development in the cloud?

Cloud computing refers to computers and applications that run remotely and can be accessed online. In cloud computing, equipment and physical servers are replaced by VMs running on large data centers. By combining the computing needs of many users at a single center achieved an economy of scale that delivers significant benefits, such as lower power consumption, greater ease of setup and maintenance and the ability to make simple updates to the ability and performance. Many applications can run unchanged to redeploy to the cloud from desktops or local servers.

Want to know how?

For information about how to deploy cloud-based projects, use the contact form.





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