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Mobile Development

Today, smartphones are increasingly useful and best performance. Increasingly companies adapt their Web sites to the screen of a mobile phone, or invest resources publishing new applications for these devices.

The Web site has developed a ranking with interesting statistics.

  • There are 7,000 million people on Earth. 5100 have a mobile phone. 4200 have toothbrush.
  • It takes 90 minutes to send an email. A person takes around 90 seconds to send a text message.
  • 91% of smartphone users have the phone always at hand.
  • 44% of the 900 million monthly users accessing Facebook through their mobile. These users are twice as active on the social network which does not use the mobile phone.
  • Mobile marketing will account for 15.2% of total online ad spending in 2016.
  • It takes 26 hours to report a lost wallet. It takes 68 minutes to report the loss of a mobile phone.
  • Nine out of ten mobile search trigger an action, more than half that lead to purchase.
  • 61% of mobile queries result in a phone call.
  • 52% of the ads in mobile phones lead to a call.

Take your business wherever you go!
Opta - Corporate Solutions

  • Take customer orders, confirm the existence of products or order at the time.
  • Get your list of promotions and prices updated.
  • Verify that your vendors are where they should be by the use of GPS.
  • Integrate your smartphone with your company's main application.
  • Save costs by performing a trace route programmed by each vendor.
  • Know who your customers are already visited.
  • Work is on line or off line.
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Customised solutions of Opta help you organize your business better and do more in less time, please contact us.



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