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Knowledge and Outsourcing

For many reasons, among which weighs heavily on the extraordinary increase communication skills, all sectors of the economy are affected by the existence of global competitors. The service sector is no exception, especially IT services. This process, which began in the industry, is unstoppable.

This situation drives Western societies orient his business toward what has been called the Knowledge Society. This momentum has not only with market movements and inertia, but that governments, at all levels (local, regional, national), push and oriented in the same direction. In knowledge societies wealth is not based on the amount and cost of the manufactured, but what do you know: especially when it can do better than others. For many companies like Opta SC, who have their sights set on the national market, the situation is particularly complicated. It competes with large national and international consultants, with higher prestige and financial capacity. According to the famous metaphor of management, the sector is a red ocean (Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne).

Opta SC has focused its activities in two ways, in order to compete:

  • Quality and costs, to survive in the red ocean.
  • Research and development, to live in blue oceans.

Both in providing services and in the development of new products, there are activities with different values​​: the relationship between value and knowledge is direct.

Opta operates through independent developers who bet all their knowledge and ideas to solve technological obstacles.

This way of working is based, therefore, in a controlled outsourcing and outsourcing control: not everything is outsourced and managed outsourced it.

Opta has tools for project management, remote work-oriented and collaborative. With this, we get:

  • Ensure ownership of knowledge, increasing the training of our technicians and the quality of work.
  • Cost control, performing the tasks of lesser value at a lower cost.
  • Improving supply to the market.
  • Capacity growth.
  • Competitiveness.



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